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We are one among the best Motorola phone repair solution. The start-up denoted a decent leap forward in secure phone unlocking. We have returned an extended route from that point forward and now region unit a main Mobile repairs answer provider.

  • We have been repairing mobile devices by using advanced technology.
  • Our engineers are highly trained in micro-electronic repairs and have a wealth of experience.
  • Most spare parts are kept in stock so repairs can be done without delay.

We offer finest repair solutions for your Motorola mobile phones. We bring to you best prices. We offer exceptional repair solutions to address your specific needs along with a distinct focus on customer service. We give fast, sensible and capable Motorola repairs with the support of upgraded team and technology.

Our services include

Touch Screen faults

A touch screen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. If your touch screen is cracked and not responding but you can hear the start up sound means send the unit to our repair service. The repair will include replacing the cracked or damaged touch screen with a brand new genuine one to bring your unit back to perfect working order.


Screen damaged

The display on a typical phone is made up of two parts, the LCD display plus a transparent cover, known as a Lens or Glass that protects the delicate LCD. The display on a smart phone is a one piece component comprising an LCD display with a touch screen sensor called a Digitizer, although sometimes the LCD and Digitizer can be separate components.

Camera replacement

Few people carry a camera as a separate device today. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all. While some camera problems are a result of obvious damage that needs repair, other times the camera just stops working. If this is the case, you might want to try a few techniques to see if you can resolve the problem. Call us for techniques


Air Speaker Faults

We offer most up to date Moto G and Moto G2 specialized services and also support to make simple for Motorola clients. We have acquainted our center with supplant furthermore fulfill necessities of Motorola customers. We trust this model device is the absolute best firm in Smartphone producing.

Water damage

One of the perilous things that could transpire is that drops their mobile in water. In the event that you ever drop your phone in water then all you need to do all the accompanying strides when you remove your phone from the water immediately.

  • Turn your phone off
  • Remove It from Its Casing
  • Disconnecting Accessories
  • Dry it out


Reboot issue

A good number of Moto clients have reported the arbitrary restart issue in their Moto, and the basic thing is that it can happen whenever. This is definitely not an application issue, as this thing happens whenever regardless of the possibility that the Moto is set sit out of gear. Be that as it may, now, we can't be sure, as now and then notwithstanding when the application is shut it continues running at the back end and it may make such types of issues.